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    Transmission Ep 17: Meteor team ++, code splitting, Apollo subscriptions

    Transmission is a podcast about the latest in the Meteor community, hosted by Paul Dowman from OK GROW! and Meteor's Sashko Stubailo.

    Topics: Meteor team growing, Meteor deployment to Now, code splitting, Kadira shutting down, future of Mantra, Apollo update, service workers / progressive web apps, remote Meteor shell

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    Transmission - Ep 12: Meteor 1.4, Meteor's Guide and Tutorials, Allow/Deny

    Today's episode features Transmission's new co-host, Paul Dowman from OK GROW!, along with Meteor's Sashko Stubailo, and Zol Olah.

    In this episode, we dive into the upcoming Meteor 1.4 release, chat about opinions in the Meteor Guide, compare the React and Angular tutorials, and finally talk about the state of allow/deny.

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    #9 Test Mode in 1.3 and what happened to Velocity

    This week we dive into the new "test mode" in Meteor 1.3 with Tom Coleman. We talk about what it is, what it is not, what is it's future and what MDG hopes the community does to support it. We also take a moment and dive into what happened with the Velocity project. Enjoy!

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    #8 Meteor's CEO Geoff Schmidt on the company, community, competition and the distant future

    Last week Ben and Sashko hinted at a very special guest and here he is! Geoff Schmidt, Meteor's CEO and Co-Founder, joins Transmission in this special edition show. We spend 85 minutes talking about Meteor Development Group's business, funding, products & services, community, competition, plans and much more. Make sure to not miss the last section!

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    #7 Apollo - Deep-dive into Meteor's future stack with GraphQL, Relay and Galaxy

    Wow, this show surprised us! We deep-dive into all the current details of Apollo (reactive GraphQL) which spun into an extended conversation about the new Meteor stack, Galaxy, Relay, Redux and what Apollo can be for NodeJS apps. Definitely check out the detailed description for a show index.

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    #4 Why no Webpack in 1.3

    Sashko and Ben discuss the Meteor build process included in Meteor 1.3 and why MDG decided not to use webpack.

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    #3 Is Meteor Really "Open-Source"

    Sashko and Ben discuss the hard hitting forum post from long time contributor Mitar "How open source Meteor really is if pull requests are not getting in?" We compare Meteor to other OSS projects, analyze what went wrong, outline changes being or will be made and lastly we touch on community ownership and the culture around it.

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    #2 Reactive GraphQL

    Sashko and Ben discuss all things Reactive GraphQL. They cover what GraphQL is, how MDG Data Team will technically tackle this project, Facebook's part in it all, and how Reactive GraphQL will open massive doors for Meteor.

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    #1 The Future of Meteor in 2016

    Sashko and Ben discuss Arunoda's "Meteor in 2016" article. They cover community attitude, modules, tracker, NPM, Mantra, the view layer, etc. Enjoy!

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