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    Transmission Ep 17: Meteor team ++, code splitting, Apollo subscriptions

    Transmission is a podcast about the latest in the Meteor community, hosted by Paul Dowman from OK GROW! and Meteor's Sashko Stubailo.

    Topics: Meteor team growing, Meteor deployment to Now, code splitting, Kadira shutting down, future of Mantra, Apollo update, service workers / progressive web apps, remote Meteor shell

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    Transmission - Ep 12: Meteor 1.4, Meteor's Guide and Tutorials, Allow/Deny

    Today's episode features Transmission's new co-host, Paul Dowman from OK GROW!, along with Meteor's Sashko Stubailo, and Zol Olah.

    In this episode, we dive into the upcoming Meteor 1.4 release, chat about opinions in the Meteor Guide, compare the React and Angular tutorials, and finally talk about the state of allow/deny.

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